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Oceanside Public Library Access to OUSD Students

OUSD students can check out materials from the Oceanside Public Library simply by using their school ID number!!  As long the student knows their school ID number they can check out books, magazines, audiobooks, DVDs, e-books and more from any Oceanside Public Library!  Plus, there are no overdue fines for ages 0-17 years old!  

School ID Number = Library Card Number      PIN: 1234

Use the Libby App or Hoopla App to check-out e-books and audiobooks from the Oceanside Public Library.  View the flyers below to learn how to download the apps and set-up your account!

                                                      Libby App                Hoopla App

New look for your school library!

Before Photo

Before Photo

New Back Conversation Area

Before and After of Front Conversation Area

After Photo

Before and After of Collaboration Area

After Photo

New Conversation Area in the back of the Library.

Having fun in the library!!!

New Library Books--come check them out!

Amulet  Supernova Baby-sitters Club  Kristy s Great Idea  Screeenshot  Defenders of the Realm  Frozen Charlotte  OCDaniel  Zelda #3  Invisible Emmie  Forget Me  Molly s Story  Misty Copeland  Anthony Davis   Gal Gadot  Chadwick Boseman  Stephen Curry  Ezekiel Elliot

Contact and Hours

Library Media Technician

Kathleen Luft

Jefferson Middle School Phone


Library Hours

8:00am - 2:00pm

How to Check-out a Library Book

During virtual learning please use the online options on Destiny Discover.  Destiny Discover can be accessed through the student RapidID portal by selecting the Destiny tile.  

Watch the brief video: How to Use Destiny Discover .  The topics covered are:

  • How to place HOLD on library book.
  • How to renew your library books.
  • How to view your check-outs.
  • How to search for a book.
  • How to review/star a book.


Students must return any overdue library books and pay any unpaid lost library book fines before they check out a library book.

If you have a question about your library record please see Mrs. Luft in the library.  


Please see Mrs. Luft to check-out your school textbooks.  All students take home 4 textbooks for home use and then return them at the end of year.

Student Aeries Portal

If you need help accessing your student portal please see Mrs. Luft in the library.

Online Resources

In this section students can access online databases that can be used for school and research purposes. 

username: ousd
password: oceanside

Britannica School Access

Britannica Escolar Access

Use Britannica as the go-to site for learning!  This database provides thousands of up-to-date, curated, and curriculum-relevant articles, images, videos, clips, primary sources, maps and resource tools.



username: oside   
password: teachingbooksk12

Use to find relevant book resources; author interviews, clips and videos; and literary connections. 



username: WelcomeUSD1!
password: WelcomeUSD1!

Proquest Campus Access

Proquest Home Access