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As of March 16, 2020 Jefferson Middle School is closed until further notice, as part of the Oceanside Unified School District Closure.

For more information regarding school closures, please visit the Oceanside Unified School District website. 

For more information on health & safety concerns and resources, please visit the Coronavirus website page.

Red apple and checkmark, Attendance Matters

Attendance Policy

Satisfactory school progress is dependent upon regular attendance. The only excused absences are those resulting from illness, medical/dental appointments, court appearances, or a death within the immediate family. All other absences are considered unexcused.


Politica de asistencia

El progreso escolar satisfactorio depende de la asistencia regular. Las únicas ausencias justificadas son aquellas que resultan de una enfermedad, citas médicas / dentales, comparecencias en la corte o una muerte dentro de la familia inmediata. Todas las demás ausencias se consideran injustificadas.


The Board of Education amended administrative regulation 5113(a). The policy now reads, "Absences must be cleared within 5 school days after the student returns to school."

If absences are not cleared within 5 days, they will be considered unexcused.

Please be sure to call the Attendance Line at 760-966-4702.


Note From The Attendance Clerk...

If your student misses school, you must call the attendance office each day at (760) 966-4702.  The attendance line is available 24 hours a day.  Please note that all absences must be cleared within five (5) days.

If your child is out due to a family emergency, funeral, religious holiday, religious retreat (4 hours only), or court appearance, you must request the absence in writing, according to district policy.  Please download the form or stop by the attendance office to pick up a copy of the Personal Absence Form.  A personal absence will excuse your student for up to a maximum of three days, but must be approved by the school’s administrators.

Please contact the school if you need additional assistance, (760) 966-4700. Email:

Thank you,

Attendance Office


Si su estudiante falta  a la escuela, es necesario llamar la oficina de asistencia cada día de su ausencia,  al (760) 966-4702.  La línea telefónica de asistencia esta disponible las 24 horas deldía y puede dejar su mensaje en español.  Las familias tienen hasta cinco (5) días  para justificar las ausencias.

Si su estudiante falta por razones de emergencia, funeral, fecha religiosa, retiro religioso (4 horas solamente), O cita en la corte, una solicitud de asistencia se pide por escrito de acuerdo con la póliza del distrito.  Favor de imprimir la forma directamente o pasar por la oficina de asistencia para obtener la forma titulada, Personal Absence Form.  Con la ausencia personal se justifica un máximo de tres días si es aprobada por administración escolar.

Favor de ponerse en contacto si aun tiene mas preguntas, (760) 966-4700. Email:


Oficina de Asistencia


Pick Up Procedures



School is dismissed at 1:15 PM on Mondays and at 2:15 PM Tuesday through Friday. 

Students may not be checked out of school after 1:00 PM on Mondays, and after 2:00 PM Tuesday - Friday. 


Any students left on campus after hours must be involved in teacher-directed or extracurricular activities. Parents will be notified before a student is held after hours for school-related activities or detention.

Contact Attendance

Gabriela Montalvo

(760) 966-4702